Since the founding of the family business in 1929, they have been driven by the same idea: to develop exemplary kitchens.
It strives to not only set the standard in variety of individual planning options, elegant design,or precision workmanship and high-quality materials, but also in their "inner values." The kitchen is a place where personal taste can be celebrated to your heart's content, and not just in culinary terms. For planning, design, and furnishing, it also provides great latitude for creativity. For more and more people all over the world, the kitchen is the most important and most frequently used room today. SieMatic should make your life easier, give and enrich what you desire the most: something that brings delight - every day.

The term “sustainability” comes originally from the area of forestry and means caring for and using forest areas in ways that take ecological, economical, and social aspects into consideration. But it is not just because wood is the most important material for SieMatic products that the topic of “sustainability” has always ranked highly here. True to our corporate motto, “Preferring the best”, SieMatic’s environmental efforts go far beyond the standard for the industry.
Our goal, through a growing number of effective measures, is to make consistent and exemplary use of the latest ecological findings in every area of the company and to get confirmation of these measures and their results from a neutral party. Naturally, the testers in this area are also tested well, in order to ensure that the environmental certificates won by the company and SieMatic products are trustworthy, transparent, and meaningful.

And that's why even after years of daily use, a SieMatic will still look like new. This is insured by top quality materials, highest precision workmanship, and a stringent quality control system before, during and after the manufacturing process. At SieMatic we inspect production stages even more rigorously than industry standards, and we will only offer elements approved for the market if they meet our quality and safety standards.
The reasons for this typical SieMatic high quality are not only due to the high qualification of our employees or a state-of-the-art production technology, but especially due to the rich experience and know-how of our company: SieMatic has built first-class kitchen furniture – and nothing else – since 1929.

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